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At VP Group, corporate responsibility is woven into the fabric of who we are. Whilst we strive to take a leadership position in all areas of our business environment, we believe our organization is a force for good.

We continually challenge ourselves to drive our standards higher, to search for new ideas, to find new opportunities wherever they may be, and to create opportunity for our people and our communities.

Our core purpose is to be invaluable to our customers.

Our success can only be achieved by putting our customer's needs first. Our people achieve this through their relentless focus on quality, service and innovation. Product and service are supported by integrity and openness with our stakeholders. Our customer's brand will only be enhanced through our partnership with them.

Johnnie McMillan

Operations Director
Our vision is to be a world class, innovative, international agribusiness, which creates wealth and enhances lives.

The VP Way

We will never deliberately mislead our stakeholders and we endeavor to operate in a spirit of openness.

When we give our word, you can count on it. We don't make promises we knowingly can't keep.

Whilst we strive for the best deal for our business, we are fair and reasonable in all our dealings.

We believe in partnership for shared success. We are a team player and a strong partner whether with our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers or companies that we can collaborate with to add value.

Fortune favours the brave and we see our courage as a key element of our success. If we believe there is a better way that has never been done, we will do it. If we believe in a just cause, we will be at the forefront.

We care for our people, our communities and our environment. A sustainable approach means doing the right thing and good business practice is the foundation of this company.