VP Group Incorporated in 1979 by KC Patel

Within a short time,  Bharat Patel, VP’s current Managing Director, joined the company as an equal partner and together they had the vision and drive to set the foundations and ethics of the group today.

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Over 30 Years of Business

at the forefront of fresh produce, flowers and logistics from Kenya.

Initially, a produce trading company, supplying primarily ethnic markets in the UK, Vegpro first became involved in its own farming operations in 1986.

The first main step change in the vegetable business was in 1995, when the company built the vegetable packing operations at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi which led to supplying the first UK retail customer. Since that time, both through organic growth and farm acquisition, Vegpro has become the dominant force in vegetable growing, packing and exporting from Kenya, with a wide range of product on offer.

Floricultural operations started in the 1980’s with the production of summer flowers for export, followed in 2001 by the planting the first roses. Subsequently, the rose business has grown organically, via innovation and through acquisition to be a significant player in World Floriculture.


Vision, Core Values

Company Vision

To be a world class, innovative, international agribusiness which creates wealth and enhances lives.

Our Core Values

We strive for excellence in all that we do and to be of value to all our customers and to the community around us.

Corner Stones

To be one of the respected agribusinesses in Africa through quality, innovation, and corporate responsibility