Kongoni River Farm

Our floriculture journey began in the year 2001.

The group’s floriculture journey started with summer flowers in the 1990’s, with the first roses being planted in 2001.


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A total of over 9 million stems

harvested every week in Kenya and Ethiopia and employing over 2500 permanenent employees in both countries.

Rapid expansion since has resulted in 7 rose farms in Kenya totalling 250 hectares and 3 rose farms in Ethiopia, totalling 40ha, together producing close to over 9 million stems per week.

Other areas of the floriculture business include a successful top graft business supplying rose plants to the East African industry and a recent venture into breeding, which demonstrates the Group’s commitment to cutting edge innovation.

VP Floriculture employs over 2,500 permanent employees in Kenya and this number is set to grow significantly through growth in both Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Journey from Breeding to Marketing

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